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    Due to COVID, all workshops are now being offered VIRTUALLY as well.


    Workshops are customized to your organization. Our staff will meet with you to understand your goals in supporting women and diverse staff, what skill sets they need to be high achievers in the workplace, and what areas are relevant to your business needs.


    We will often recommend a series of workshops that are complimented by group coaching calls, which helps to build a strong, supportive community, and utilizes accountability and coaching to help participants implement new habits, attitudes, and tools within their daily lives with the support of their group and their coach.


    In the competitive marketplace for diverse talent, sponsored workshops for women and minorities are a powerful way to build your pipeline.


    In partnership with Equal Reality, Empower utilizes virtual reality for specific workshops.

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    Women's Empowerment

    Recommended for young professional women

    This fun and lively workshop will engage women in stepping into their power, overcoming negative self-beliefs, celebrating their strengths, and communicating clearly and confidently. Utilizing strengths training, positive psychology, improvisation, and team building activities, women come out of this workshop energized, sure of themselves, and ready to conquer the world.


    "Empower Global’s Workshop on Women’s Empowerment is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of our strengths as women and think deeply about those we’ve yet to explore in ourselves. I loved the variety of topics we covered - from networking to public speaking to banishing negative self talk. All of them are important building blocks to personal and professional success and I’m glad we were able to discuss them all in a female focused space." - Elizabeth, Washington, DC

    Unconscious Bias

    Recommended for anyone

    We will go through the little ways that bias can manifest in behavior and actions, and explore the experience of those on the receiving end of those microaggressions. We will also touch on how our brains are more likely to take cognitive shortcuts and activate stereotypes in times of crisis, and discuss how to recognize and combat this in real time We will discuss empathy in action, reflect on effective “upstanding” methods, and go through concrete examples of ways to counter bias and promote inclusion, including digital tools that can aid in that mission. Participants will ultimately be engaged in creating their own action plans regarding how to foster more inclusive, participatory workspaces.

    Inclusive, Courageous Leadership

    Recommended for manager level and up

    The world is changing from an old power model to a new power model. In the old model, command and control was the norm, hierarchies reigned supreme, and only voices at the top affected decisionmaking processes, who often represented one race, gender, and social class. Today, the new power model requires leaders who can manage difficult conversations, create mechanisms to include diverse voices, practice empathy, and empower their employees rather than inspire fear. This workshop will engage participants in challenging conversations around how to be the new kind of leader, and managers will leave with a set of actionable tools to help them in their journey.

    Male Allyship/Preventing Sexual Harrasment

    Recommended for men

    In the post #Metoo era, men are hungry to become allies to women. 61% of men in the US, for example, care that their industry reaches gender parity by the ends of their careers. However, they are not sure how to help. This workshop will help men to explore and understand ways that they can empower their female and minority colleagues. Based upon research done by Promundo, an international NGO focused on masculinity and gender equity, this workshop will engage men to become active allies in the workplace who help to stop harassment and stem continuing inequities and microaggressive behaviors. It will also give them a chance to voice their fears stemming from #Metoo, and help to settle any lingering questions.

    The research shows that allyship trainings are substantially more effective at preventing sexual assault than traditional sexual harassment training. We also cover all of the areas necessary for compliance with your state's laws.

    Executive Presence

    Recommended for women, manager level and up

    This workshop will dive into the aspects needed to gain and exude executive presence, with special attention to the challenges and discrimination that women and women of color come up against when it comes to executive presence. Workshop attendees will be engaged in evaluating their own executive presence, and given methods to increase their confidence, poise, decisiveness, and gravitas.

    Feminine Leadership

    Recommended for women, manager level and up

    Most of our organizational structures and companies were created and nurtured with men in mind. Therefore, the qualities desired and lauded in leaders were typically masculine ones, strength, resolve, competition. However, in an era of unprecedented crisis, the skills women are raised to have- emotional expression, empathy, inclusiveness- couldn't be more valuable. This workshop dives into discussions of what constitutes feminine leadership, helps women to lean into their own natural leadership style, and puts things in the context of the larger world and crisis we are facing at present.

    Public Speaking

    Recommended for anyone

    People fear public speaking more than death. This workshop will help to alleviate the fear and anxiety that comes with public speaking- whether it be presenting in a meeting or speaking in front of a crowd- and go through the critical elements necessary to getting one's message across, leaving people with inspiration and a call to action, and communicating with clarity and confidence.

    Empathy in Action

    Recommended for manager level and above

    We're facing a time where everyone all over the world is dealing with some sort of hardship- be it the loneliness of self isolation, the fear of uncertainty, the sickness of a loved one, worry about income and the future, or their own health ailments.

    Practicing empathy and compassion has never been more important. Utilizing tactics from psychology, mediation, and Buddhism, this workshop will dive into how to be present with others, how to show them that you care through your actions and your speech, explore the difference between empathy and sympathy, introduce people to simple, every day actions to express empathy with their teams, and take everyone's ability to be compassionate up to the next level.

    As Brene Brown says, "Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviors."


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    Funds earned through corporate partners will be utilized to subsidize workshops for women and girls from low- income communities across the world.