• Workshop Topics

    Workshops are customized to your organization. Our staff will meet with you to understand your goals in supporting women and diverse staff, what skill sets they need to be high achievers in the workplace, and what areas are relevant to your business needs.


    We will often recommend a series of workshops, which not only builds skill sets but also build a strong, supportive community of women who help each other thrive within the workplace.


    In the competitive marketplace for diverse talent, sponsored workshops for women and minorities are a powerful way to build your pipeline.

    Sample Topics

    For Women:

    - Public Speaking

    - Executive Presence
    - Empowerment + Confidence Building

    - The Art of Positive Psychology

    - Leading for Systems Change

    - Navigating Career Transitions

    - Feminine Leadership

    - Advancing gender equity in your organization

    - Educating Men in a way that creates Allies

    - Breaking through the Glass Ceiling- how to reach the C-suite

    - Power Networking

    For Organizations:

    - Implicit Bias Training

    - Communicating Across Cultures

    - Sponsors, Mentors, and Advocates: How to design these programs formally or informally and how to benefit from them

    - How to Climb Quickly without Sacrificing your integrity

    - Building yourself as a Thought Leader

    - Global Leadership- leading for systems change

    - Integrating Social Impact into how you do business


    For Men:


    - Your guide to Allyship

    - What does it mean to be a man? exploring Masculinity

    - Navigating women in the #MeToo era

    - Mentoring women effectively


  • "What I loved most about the workshop was meeting amazing, kind, empathic people and being able to talk about what insecurities women have and how to become a more confident person." - Julia, 24


    "Empower Global’s Workshop on Women’s Empowerment is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of our strengths as women and think deeply about those we’ve yet to explore in ourselves. I loved the variety of topics we covered - from networking to public speaking to banishing negative self talk. All of them are important building blocks to personal and professional success and I’m glad we were able to discuss them all in a female focused space." - Elizabeth, Washington, DC


    "Samantha has an amazing way of bringing joy and energy to a session all while making participants feel comfortable. Her ability to interject seamlessly with anecdotes of her own struggles as a woman searching for success and meaning is complemented by moments of real vulnerability that drew the same out in all of us.

    If you’re a young woman trying to find her way in the world in any capacity, this workshop will give you the tools necessary to remind you that are powerful and worthy of your accomplishments." - Emma, 23, Washington, DC

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    Adulting 101: Washington DC, June 29, 2019

    100 percent of attendees would recommend this workshop to a friend!

  • Format


    Full Day Workshops

    Half Day Workshops

    Weekly 2 hr Workshops for 8-10 weeks

    Online Workshops + Webinars




    Pricing is customized to the number of participants and the organization. To tell us more about your needs, please contact us.


    Commitment to Social Good

    Nonprofits, Charter Schools, and All-Volunteer Women's Networks are eligible for special pricing.


    Funds earned through corporate partners will be utilized to subsidize workshops for women and girls from low- income communities across the world.