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    Workshops are customized to your organization, industry, and geographic region. 

    Our staff will meet with you to understand your goals in supporting diversity, the demographic of your workforce, and what areas are relevant to your business needs. 

    We often custom create a series of workshops to engender transformative and sustainable impact.

    In partnership with Equal Reality,  Empower Global can also utilize Virtual Reality to deliver a truly immersive experience, or create a custom VR scenario for a company.

  • Global Leadership Training

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  • How is Empower Different?

    A Global Lens - Empower trainers have facilitated workshops in Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and beyond. We customize workshops to the country and cultural context, as DEI looks different in France versus India - In France, for example, religion is a big issue; in India, the caste system is ever present. Understanding and integrating those cultural and country specific nuances is key to delivering workshops that change attitudes and behaviors. In addition, cross cultural communication is extremely important when it comes to efficiency, productivity, and people’s feelings. Empower Global’s trainers are deeply experienced in navigating differing cultural communication styles and in helping participants from different cultures to understand each other and interact more productively.


    Millennials + GenZ- Millennials represent largest generation in the global workforce. Their expectations and way of working in the workplace are far different from generations past. For example, millennials place a much higher premium on social purpose and diversity and inclusion than the generations before them. They need to feel as if they are contributing to social good. Empower specializes in understanding how millennials work and what it is that they want as staff and as managers. Empower understands how to empower them to be their best selves and become leaders who are able to inspire and transform those around and beneath them.


    The Virtual Space - Ms. Karlin, CEO of Empower, has also authored a white paper on Inclusive Facilitation in the Virtual Space and written numerous articles on inclusion and engagement in the virtual world. Many trainers and companies don't understand how to utilize the virtual space in a way that is compelling and engaging. Empower's virtual trainings have been described as compelling, inspiring, motivating, and transformative.


    Virtual Reality - The use of virtual reality is an incredibly powerful tool to help participants walk a mile in someone else's shoes. The high-tech aspect of VR also is an appetizing way to engage those employees who are typically put off or disinterested in unconscious bias training. Our partnership with Equal Reality enables us to use virtual reality both on flat-screen and using VR goggles to give people a profound emotional experience which is extremely effective in producing behavior change.

    Some of our Global Clients

    The US Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC

    Telenor in Pakistan

    Fendi in Americas

    UN World Trade Organization in Geneva, Switzerland

    UN World Food Program in Asia / Italy / Americas

    Enedis in Brussels, Belgium

    Danone in Barcelona, Spain

    Women in Aerospace in Toulouse, France

    Airbus in France / Spain / Germany

    AbinBev in Uruguay/Argentina/Chile

    Slalom in USA

    Rb in UK/ France/ Nigeria/ Dubai/ Germany/ Italy/ US/ Spain

    Harvard University in USA

    IE Business School in Madrid, Spain

    Coldwell Bankers in USA

    Women Entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia

    Lumni in Peru

    TROS Interactive in Israel

    Salsify in US, Portugal & France

    Legacy International in Palestine

    Amazon in the US

    Wintershall Dea in MENA region, Europe, and Latin America

    Graham Packaging International


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  • Workshop Topics

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    Our Signature Workshop: Women's Empowerment

    Recommended for women

    This fun and lively workshop will engage women in stepping into their power, overcoming negative self-beliefs, celebrating their strengths, and communicating clearly and confidently. Utilizing strengths training, positive psychology, improvisation, and team-building activities, women come out of this workshop energized, sure of themselves, and ready to conquer the world.


    "Empower Global’s Workshop on Women’s Empowerment is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of our strengths as women and think deeply about those we’ve yet to explore in ourselves. I loved the variety of topics we covered - from networking to public speaking to banishing negative self-talk. All of them are important building blocks to personal and professional success and I’m glad we were able to discuss them all in a female-focused space." - Elizabeth, Washington, DC

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    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Recommended for anyone

    We will go through the little ways that bias can manifest in behavior and actions, and explore the experience of those on the receiving end of those microaggressions. We will also touch on how our brains are more likely to take cognitive shortcuts and activate stereotypes in times of crisis, and discuss how to recognize and combat this in real time We will discuss empathy in action, practice effective “upstanding” methods, and go through concrete examples of ways to counter bias and promote inclusion, including digital tools that can aid in that mission. Participants will ultimately be engaged in creating their own action plans regarding how to foster more inclusive, participatory workspaces.



    "The diversity and inclusion session Empower led was one of the best learning sessions (not going to call it training – didn’t feel like that) I have ever done. So so so engaging and empowering." - Abby, RB, London, UK

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    Inclusive Leadership

    Recommended for manager level and up

    The world is changing from an old power model to a new power model. In the old model, command and control was the norm, hierarchies reigned supreme, and only voices at the top affected decisionmaking processes, who often represented one race, gender, and social class. Today, the new power model requires leaders who can manage difficult conversations, create mechanisms to include diverse voices, practice empathy, and empower their employees rather than inspire fear. This workshop will engage participants in challenging conversations around how to be the new kind of leader, and managers will leave with a set of actionable tools to help them in their journey.


    "Thank you for an amazing training today. I knew the topic was important but the 4 hours looked daunting. In reality, the training was exceptional and I probably could have used all day for it. Thank you again." - Jenna, Director, Product Management, Edward Jones



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    Advancing Gender Equity in the Workplace

    Recommended for men

    In the post #Metoo era, men are hungry to become allies to women. 61% of men in the US, for example, care that their industry reaches gender parity by the ends of their careers. However, they are not sure how to help. This workshop will help men to explore and understand ways that they can empower their female and minority colleagues. Based upon research done by Promundo, an international NGO focused on masculinity and gender equity, this workshop will engage men to become active allies in the workplace who help to stop harassment and stem continuing inequities and microaggressive behaviors.

    The research shows that allyship trainings are substantially more effective at preventing sexual assault than traditional sexual harassment training. We also cover all of the areas necessary for compliance with your state's laws.


    "Samantha conducted a Gender Equity workshop for Slalom’s Women’s Leadership Network. I found the session to be very insightful and valuable and I am eager to put the learnings into practice with my team. Thank you for the collaborative, thought provoking and educational workshop!" - Brian Ringley, Client Services Lead, Slalom, Miami, Florida

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    Inclusive Virtual Facilitation

    Recommended for managers

    We are now destined to a world of online meetings, that are unlikely to peter out even when we reach herd immunity. Managing a virtual conversation in a way that is engaging and inclusive is not an easy task. Learn how to utilize the virtual space in a creative and interesting way that ensures everyone's voices are heard, and that people leave energized instead of exhausted.


    "I’ve received great feedback from the team. everyone thought the session on inclusive virtual facilitation was very interesting and valuable. Especially for our team, which spends pretty much all day on back-to-back Zoom calls. Thank you again for a great session." - Alberto Padilla, Vice President at Insight Partners

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    Feminist Leadership

    Recommended for women, manager level and up

    Most of our organizational structures and companies were created and nurtured with men in mind. Therefore, the qualities desired and lauded in leaders were typically masculine ones, strength, resolve, competition. However, in an era of unprecedented crisis, the skills women are raised to have- emotional expression, empathy, inclusiveness- couldn't be more valuable. This workshop dives into discussions of what constitutes feminine leadership, helps women to lean into their own natural leadership style, and puts things in the context of the larger world and crisis we are facing at present.




    "As a black woman in America the principles of feminist leadership were often muted and went unspoken as I held many positions in male-dominated industries or familial norms warned against going against the patriarchal systems in place.

    Samantha created a space for women to talk about our lives, challenges we are facing in the workplace and opened our eyes to different cultures & upbringings. In addition, she imparted her wisdom upon us, provided us with reading material and videos to enhance our learning and gave us tools to help us handle certain situations differently. This class opened my eyes and dramatically helped me to reinforce my own value and how I approach my team and the world." - Lakysha, VP Cox Communications

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    Recommended for everyone

    Often AntiSemitism doesn't get mentioned in the panoply of diversity and inclusion topics, and yet, AntiSemitic hate crimes were at an all time historic high in 2020 in the US.


    Many white supremacists often espouse racist as well as AntiSemitic views, as the recent hate crime perpetrator in the Winthrop, MA shooting did. Fighting between Israel and Gaza has only spiked AntiSemitic sentiments and rhetoric.


    Though it may seem as if there are a lot of Jews, we only constitute 2 percent of the American population, and 9 percent of the European population (Jews were once


    This workshop educates employees on the history of AntiSemitism, the links between AntiSemitism and AntiZionism, explains the bystander phenomena, and educates employees on what it means to be a Jew and the significance of Jewish holidays. We dive into ways to make your Jewish colleagues feel included and respected in your workplace.

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    Empathy in Action

    Recommended for manager level and above

    We're facing a time where everyone all over the world is dealing with some sort of hardship- be it the loneliness of self isolation, the fear of uncertainty, the sickness of a loved one, worry about income and the future, or their own health ailments.

    Practicing empathy and compassion has never been more important. Utilizing tactics from psychology, mediation, and Buddhism, this workshop will dive into how to be present with others, how to show them that you care through your actions and your speech, explore the difference between empathy and sympathy, introduce people to simple, every day actions to express empathy with their teams, and take everyone's ability to be compassionate up to the next level.

    As Brene Brown says, "Leaders must either invest a reasonable amount of time attending to fears and feelings, or squander an unreasonable amount of time trying to manage ineffective and unproductive behaviors."


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    Cross Cultural Teamwork

    Recommended for anyone working across cultures

    More and more organizations are working across borders and have staff distributed across the globe.

    But differing cultural norms and ways of communicating can often leave people feeling frustrated, upset, or outright confused. This workshop goes through Hofsteade's research on differing cultural values, and explains differing methods of cultural communication, supported by Stella Toomey's work. It gives tools on how to understand each other's cultures better and how to act respectfully and clearly no matter who it is you are dealing with in any time zone.


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    Race Relations

    Recommended for anyone working across cultures

    Trainer: Dr. Emerald Christopher-Byrd

    In light of political and social unrest, many individuals and companies are looking for ways to pivot from being simply un-racist to actively anti-racist. This workshop is designed to help participants understand historical manifestations of racism present today. We will challenge our preconceived notions around race and how we consciously or unconsciously contribute to institutional and structural racism. A key goal of this workshop is to move our talk into action by developing tools and strategies to claiming and embodying an anti-racist identity and company culture.


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    Understanding the LGBTQ Landscape

    recommended for everyone

    Trainer: Kryss Shane

    We will discuss who and what fits into the “LGBT+ category,” including terminology, myths/facts, and why it is vital for everyone to have this foundational knowledge. We will talk about how to become more empathetic, how to speak up when witnessing a problem, and examine specific and manageable ways we can do better, as individuals, as team leaders, as an organization, and as an industry. This training will be accessible, approachable, and requires no previous knowledge. Come as you are, leave more informed and prepared than you were.



    “Kryss provided great insight about LGBT history and rights and answered all of the employees’ questions. She was among the best guest lecturers I have ever had.” - Bryant, Los Angeles, CA

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    Creating Institutional Change

    recommended for ERG leads/movers and shakers

    Employee Resource Groups have a big challenge - how can you leverage your ERG to not only be a safe space, but to change your organization and industry to create more opportunities and belonging for your identity group?

    This workshop, based upon global research on pioneers and coalitions who have changed policies, changed governments, and changed institutions, will help equip your ERG members with the step-by-step process needed to create lasting change.

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    Bystander Intervention

    recommended for everyone

    The Bystander Intervention Workshop Covers:

    - why bystander intervention is important, on both an individual level and on a systems level

    - The different types of microaggressions (Micro-assaults, micro-insults, and micro-invalidations)

    - A range of techniques to respond to each that work, based upon: your identity, your relationship with the perpetrator and victim, your seniority level, your personality type and your values

    - How to push through the fear and discomfort of intervening

    - Why it is beneficial for the intervener on a psychological level

    - How it changes the perpetrator's future behavior


    Then we do role plays in groups where one person plays the perpetrator, one person the victim, one the intervener, and one observes in order to practice in a safe space, w/live coaching.

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    Breaking the Bias for Women in Tech

    What are some of the gender biases in tech that repeatedly appear that set up an unwelcoming environment for women – employees, clients, and consumers? What are some of the barriers and challenges that women face on an individual level? What have the women in your company experienced?

    What can you do to be an ally to women in your workplace? What can you do to empower yourself, if you’re a woman? How can a company create an environment where women thrive?

    How can tech, as an industry, revise how it functions to be more welcoming and empowering for women? Where do women have opportunities to lead the way?


    This workshop deep dives into the whole tech industry, many of the inequities that exist, and how we create systemic changes towards equity in tech- not just for employees but for clients and consumers of technology. It also offers an opportunity for women to share their experiences and provide solutions and actionable tools for allies and men to empower women and to rethink how we do tech as a whole from an equity frame.


    "This has been an incredible session and so much of it resonates. Sessions like this I think would be incredibly valuable for leadership across the board – both men and women." - Ella, Amazon Web Services


    "This was an incredible session and very validating for so much of what I've experienced in 13 years in the industry. Thank you so much! "- Lauren, Amazon Web Services


    "Thank you SO much for your time and for all of the leadership contributions on today's session. So glad I was able to join while I could." - Brianne, Amazon Web Services


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    Some other workshop topics

    • The Neuroscience of Happiness and Wellbeing
    • Well-being and Emotional Regulation
    • Improvisation for Creativity
    • Social Justice - Organizing for Change
    • Creating Social Impact
    • Deconstructing Your Inner Patriarchy
    • Creating Humane Institutions
    • Leading Millenials and GenZ
    • Communication and Confidence
    • The Art of Public Speaking
    • Driving Change
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    Embracing Equity

    What does it mean to embrace equity on a holistic level? What is the difference between equity and equality? What about intersectionality, when people have different identities, backgrounds, and personalities? What can you do on an org level and on an individual level to create a more equitable playing field? This talk explains why equity is the answer to productivity, innovation, and human flourishing, and gives participants plenty of tools to walk away with to create a more equitable work environment for all identities, particularly women.

  • I'm interested in having your team host a workshop at my workplace!

    Email info@empowerglobal.net with a description of your needs.

    We will follow up to schedule a consultation call with you.

    What else do people have to say about Empower's workshops?

    "Shifting a culture isn’t easy, and maintaining one can prove just as challenging. Empower Global helped us take these first steps in becoming better mentors and colleagues by facilitating a corporate workshop on Gender Equity at Slalom’s South Florida Office. Following the workshop, participants and allies met to take actionable steps towards making our office more gender equitable.


    We are continuing to amplify our efforts in D&I recruitment and are considering larger internal initiatives to ensure that candidates and employees are not subject to implicit racial and gender biases. We are holding each other accountable to produce more gender neutral team outings, and to refrain from using gendered language and analogies in our discussions, among others. Empower’s workshop ignited a powerful movement at Slalom South Florida, and we are greatly appreciative of their services, and continued impact on gender equity in the workplace." - Lauren Cardenas, Consultant, Slalom


    "Aurelie provided an insightful and compelling D&I training to our LVMH colleagues. It was engaging and in tune with delivering sound strategies for success through the lens of inclusion. Aurelie has ben a great business partner for us in terms of driving the messaging of D&I being a business imperative." - Corey Smith, Head of DEI, North America LVMH


    "Samantha has an amazing way of bringing joy and energy to a session all while making participants feel comfortable. Her ability to interject seamlessly with anecdotes of her own struggles as a woman searching for success and meaning is complemented by moments of real vulnerability that draws out the same out in all of us."- Emma, Legislative Assistant, US Congress


    "Samantha is a very effective speaker who is able to bring training alive to the group. She is engaging, moves across all attendees, and helps make vulnerability more palletable. She is fun, authentic, and down to earth." - George, VP, JP Morgan

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    Distiller's Association of America

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    The Wilson Center

    "Feminist Foreign Policy, Leadership, and National Security"

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    The Department of Homeland Security,

    US Government

    "Women's Empowerment"

    October 2022


    The Washingtonian

    "Feminist Entrepreneurship" 

    April 2022



    "Championing Women in the Workplace"

    March 2022


    Amazon Web Services

    "Breaking the Bias for Women in Tech"

    March 2022



    "Breaking the Bias for Women in Tech"

    March 2022


    Legacy International

    "Women's Empowerment in Palestine"

    February 2022


    Leading Entrepreneurs of the World

    "Inclusive Leadership"

    October 2021


    Lean in Energy

    "Feminist Leadership"

    October 2021



    "Anti Semitism"

    September 2021


    Insight Partners

    "Inclusive Virtual Facilitation"

    August 2021


    Reaology + Coldwell Bankers

    "Women's Leadership"

    December 2020



    "Unconscious Bias + Inclusive Leadership"

    November 2020



    "Gender Equity in the Workplace"

    July 2020


    VERIZON and Ellevate

    "The Power of Storytelling"

    Washington, DC



    "Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"

    Santiago, Chile

    February 2020

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    "Confidence, Courage, and Communication"

    New York City

    January 15, 2020

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  • Format

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    Full Day Workshops

    Half Day Workshops

    1.5 - 2 hour workshops

    2 hr Coaching Circles, BiMonthly

    Off-Site Retreats

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    Pricing is customized to the number of participants and the organization, and is competitive with the market. To tell us more about your needs, please contact us at info@empowerglobal.net.
    Funds earned through corporate partners will be utilized to subsidize workshops for women and girls from low- income communities across the world.
    Commitment to Social Good
    Non-profits, Charter Schools, and All-Volunteer Women's Networks are eligible for special pricing.
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     Women's Empowerment Initiatives

    Demonstrate a commitment to the women in your organization and community by having Empower Global design a bespoke women's empowerment initiative.

    These initiatives are designed to help the women in your organization acquire the confidence and skills needed to rise, and to foster the next generation of women leaders in your org.


    These initiatives are bespoke to your organization, and may consist of :

    programming and events


    sponsorship/mentorship programs

    community building groups

    networking opportunities



    Webinars and online courses