• 3:1 model

    Empower Global operates on a 3:1 model - for every 3 contracted corporate workshops, Empower offers a pro-bonow women's empowerment workshop to non-profits, domestic violence shelters, etc.


    3 Corporate Workshops


    1 Pro-Bono Workshop for Young Women and Girls in Need

  • Leadership

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    Samantha Karlin, Founder and CEO

    Ms. Karlin is a keynote speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert on leadership and women's rights.


    Her background spans the public and private sectors, from tech to politics to foreign affairs. She was most recently an executive at a venture-backed tech startup in Silicon Valley, in charge of global community. Before that, Ms. Karlin was the director of global engagement and gender equality at Ashoka, where she supported world-renowned women social entrepreneurs. She has formerly built coalitions for the Hillary for America campaign, managed the gender portfolio for the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, developed leadership programs for low-income students at Lumni in Peru, and fought extremism and AntiSemitism with the American Jewish Committee in NYC. She is an expert in gender equity with the New America Foundation.


    Ms. Karlin holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy in global gender analysis and conflict resolution from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Her master's thesis focused on achieving justice for victims of rape in post-conflict societies. She has also been educated at Yale University, The Harvard School of Education, The Harvard Kennedy School, and New York University in Prague. She is trained in mediation, is a TEDx speaker, and hosts the show Samanthropolitics, a political talk show about global politics and women’s rights.


    Ms. Karlin is also a facilitator and subject matter expert on leadership for the NeuroLeadership Institute, where she leverages brain science to foster behavior change. She is a senior facilitator for the Partnership for Public Service, where she trains senior leaders in the federal government on all aspects of leadership.


    She is the upcoming author of a book on 21st-century Leadership, and is an awardee of the prestigious Bellagio fellowship by the Rockefeller Foundation.

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