Women's Breakthrough Leadership Challenge

    Limited to 10-12 women/cohort

    STARTING November 2!

    If you're a woman in a position of leadership who is tired of being passed over for opportunities or ignored by men in meetings, this could be the opportunity that transforms your personal and professional life.


    If you're looking for a global community of women leaders to supercharge each other's growth, this may be exactly the right place for you.


    If you are looking for the courage to start your entrepreneurial journey, change career fields, or rise to the next level of leadership, this will be your launch pad.


    Hi, my name is Samantha Karlin, and I have worked under far too many men who practiced hierarchical, toxic styles of leadership that left me disenchanted and disgusted. I have also been sabotaged by senior level women who have left me feeling betrayed and confused.


    But I have also seen the magic that happens when you bring women changemakers from across the world together to dream of a better future, one in which women are equal citizens, women support other women to rise, and women are on the forefront of leading the charge for a better world. I know, because I orchestrated it.


    For decades, women have been told that in order to get ahead they need to act like men. This is augmented by the fact that most of the leadership literature and practitioners have been Western white men.


    Yet where are we with that advice? In a mismanaged global pandemic with hundreds of thousands of fatalities, a rise in populist and authoritarian governments, a rising maternal mortality rate (US), and only 5% of Fortune 500 companies led by women.


    It's time to make a change. It's time to lean into leading like a WOMAN.


    We're happy to announce the launch of a breakthrough women's leadership challenge, where you will learn how to step into your power, build community with other amazing women, and find out how women can finally rise to the leadership positions that we RIGHTLY deserve.


    Can you imagine what it would be like to really step into your full potential? To lean into and celebrate what you do really well, instead of feeling bad about your weaknesses? To live in a world where women don't gossip, but actively support and promote other women? To live authentically as a powerful woman? To live in a world where men are begging women for lessons in leadership? It's about time.


    The course will be a mix of videos, podcasts, reading, and live workshops/coaching sessions. The course will function through a feminist peer-peer learning style, where everyone in the room contributes their expertise, participates and leans on one another for support and advice.


    All workshops sessions are facilitated by Empower Global CEO and trained mediator, Samantha Karlin, and may include guest speakers who are at the top of their respective industries. We will hit on all of the latest cutting edge research on leadership and galvanize a shift towards a world in which all voices are heard and women are equal citizens.


    This is the only program of its kind, and is leading the way in new and much needed styles of leadership.


    The Program is Designed for Women who are already in

    Managerial Positions, or are entrepreneurs/activists.

    It is not for entry level staff.


    The Curriculum:




    Week 1: Your Strengths as a Leader

    Community Building - Bonding With Your Group

    Strengths Inventory - Getting Clear on What Sets You Apart

    DISC + Enneagram

    Turning Off Your Inner Critic

    Tools to Bolster Your Self-Worth and that of your Staff

    Identifying and Positioning Your Super Powers


    Week 2: Feminist Leadership

    The Lean In Conundrum- when should you lean in, and and when should you lean out?

    How do successful women differ from men in their leadership styles? What works? What qualities do women uniquely have to offer? What about women of color?

    Moving From a Power Over Model to a Power With, Power To, Power Within Mode


    Week 3: Empathy and Inclusive Leadership in Crisis

    How do you exercise empathy in crisis?

    The risk of stereotype threat, and how to combat it

    How can you make others feel included in virtual environments?

    What is expected of you as a leader in all of this?

    What does the new power world look like?

    What are the trends we need to be aware of as leaders?

    How has the global pandemic influenced what we need from leaders?

    Case Study: Jacinda Arden


    Week 4: Handling Anxiety- Guest speaker: Dr. Helene Karlin, PhD, psychologist



    Handling Uncertainty

    Restorative Relaxation

    Stress Management

    Easing Anxiety around Public Speaking

    Featuring a 30 minute Hypnosis Session


    Week 5: Breaking the glass ceiling - Guest Speaker, TBD

    Exploring the double standards regarding women in leadership

    What do we need to keep in mind in order to succeed, without giving into a patriarchal system?

    How can women overcome double standards? How can the system overcome double standards?

    Looking at practices and qualities of female CEOS

    Navigating male- dominated spaces

    How to make sure that your voice is heard

    How to fight for yourself when others are trying to take you down

    How to advocate for yourself in a remote workplace

    Case Study: Hillary Clinton


    Week 6: Speaking Truth To Power - Guest Speaker, Mary Axelsen, VP Human Resources, EnviroLogix

    How do you make your voice heard and make change in the most productive way possible?
    How do you get people to listen to you?

    How do you challenge men in power in a credible, impactful way while advancing your career?

    How do you authentically navigate male dominated workplaces to achieve your goals?


    Week 7: Empowering Other Women - Guest Speaker, Jacqueline Morgan, Senior Director, Software + Platforms, Accenture

    Best practices for supporting and advancing other women

    Tips on being a mentee, mentor, and sponsor

    What do women need to be empowered? Gen Z, vs. Millenial, vs. everyone else!

    How to Lift Up other Women in a Remote Work Environment


    Week 8: Gender Equality at the Institutional Level - Guest Speaker TBD, US Government

    What works to foster gender equality in a company or organization?

    What works to prevent and combat sexual harassment and assault?

    What works to recruit and retain more women, and women of color?

    How can you make change on gender equity at your company or org without that being your role?




    What are some topics that we will cover?

    • How to create an inclusive and empowering workplace - even virtually
    • How to network virtually
    • How to express empathy and compassion in difficult circumstances/how to deal with your workforce's feelings
    • How to facilitate inclusive virtual meetings
    • How to communicate clearly and confidently
    • How to speak out with conviction
    • How to speak publicly with ease
    • How to become a more effective mentor and mentee
    • How to influence your company's culture to better support you and other women
    • How to build the confidence of your staff
    • How to recognize and leverage your employees' sweet spots - ie where their passion, strengths, and skills align
    • How to leverage your strengths in your leadership
    • How to create a collaborative, participatory work culture
    • How to gain male allies
    • How to build strategic partnerships
    • How to take steps to get promoted
    • How to stand up for what is right
    • How to utilize active listening
    • How to negotiate for higher salaries, budgets for work projects, more staff support
    • How to leverage positive psychology to create a meaningful, happy, and rewarding work culture
    • How to “Lead like a Woman”

    What are some of the potential benefits?

    • Decreased stress and anxiety
    • Ability to speak publicly with ease
    • No hesitations asking for a raise or a promotion
    • Leading authentically as you
    • Finding your true calling
    • Networking with ease
    • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Becoming a more effective mentor and mentee
    • Not allowing others to step all over you
    • Solidifying your sense of self worth
    • A supportive community of other women
    • New friends and business contacts
    • Courage to start an entrepreneurial journey
    • Unlocking your inner activist
    • Influencing your company's culture to better support women
    • Knowing how to leverage and capitalize on your strengths
    • An increased sense of well-being
    • Communicating confidently 
    • Influencing a new field of thought around women's leadership
    • Leaving the world a better place for the women behind you
    • Putting the blocks in place to carve out your own legacy
    • Joining a movement
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    Women's Leadership Laboratory

    Jennifer, NYC

    "Samantha’s enthusiasm, vast knowledge, and focus on women’s equality helped me tremendously in the growth and development of my professional focus.

    As I continue to advance and grow my career, she has taught me how to incorporate social and corporate responsibility and further the development of my leadership skills from a global perspective."

    Sarah, Washington DC

    "Samantha has an amazing way of bringing joy and energy to a session all while making participants feel comfortable. Her ability to interject seamlessly with anecdotes of her own struggles as a woman searching for success and meaning is complemented by moments of real vulnerability that draws out the same out in all of us."

    Julia, Arlington, VA

    "If you’re a woman trying to find her way in the world in any capacity, this challenge will give you the tools necessary to remind you that are powerful and worthy of your accomplishments."

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