Women's Leadership Challenge

    Developing Feminist Leaders for a New Era

    A WeMaax Consulting and Empower Global Partnership

    If you're a woman in a position of leadership who is tired of being passed over for opportunities or ignored by men in meetings, this could be the opportunity that transforms your personal and professional life.


    If you're looking for a global community of women leaders to supercharge your growth, this is exactly the right place for you.


    If you are looking for the courage to start your entrepreneurial journey, change career fields, or rise to the next level of leadership, this will be your launch pad.


    The Feminist Leadership Challenge gives you the courage, capability and support to rise to the leadership position you deserve, start your entrepreneurial journey, be a social activist, and to step into your intrinsic power. Be a ChangeMakeHER!


    "A study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the most successful female job-seekers from a top-ranked graduate school relied not only on a wide network of contacts, but also on a close inner circle of other women who provide support and gender-specific job advice." - The Washington Post, Jan 2019


    77% of women who place high on the career ladder have a strong, trusted inner circle of women who help them make connections and circumvent traditional barriers to success. Our program is your power circle!


    Magic happens when you bring women change makers from across the world together to dream of a better future, one in which women are equal citizens. Our experiential program brings diverse women together and embraces a feminist, peer to peer learning approach to elevate your voice, leverage your inner knowing, and achieve your dreams. We tear down patriarchal structures, beliefs, social and cultural norms, and redefine leadership; one where women are at the forefront!


    This unique program creates a learning and development environment where everyone in the room contributes their expertise, leans on one another for support and advice, and takes action. By the end of the program, you will be forever changed and equipped to design the life you want for yourself and other women. During the program, you will create a vision of a better future, tap into the power within and around you, and confidently put your vision into action.


    Facilitators: CEO of Empower Global, Samantha Karlin & CEO of WeMaax Consulting Mary Axelsen


  • What do participants have to say?


    Program Outcomes:


    • Tackle your self limiting beliefs connected to how we experience the world as women, and shed what doesn't serve you

    • Comprehend the concept of feminist leadership and how to operationalize it into your leadership style, creating a more equitable world for all

    • Understand how to lead culture and institutional change, influence decision makers, and advance your career

    • Develop the courage and fortitude to speak up for yourself, start your own venture, get a seat at the table, and ask for what you want and what you deserve

    • Discover your intrinsic power sources so that you can speak truth to power in high stake and controversial situations

    • Learn how to strategically network, build power circles, and create your own damn table while lifting up other women

    • Learn how to lead inclusively and courageously

    • Understand how to leverage your strengths to become a more effective leader

    • Build a tight knit community of global women leaders and lifelong supporters

    • Create and implement a change initiative that advances oneself and gender equity more broadly

    SO WHAT?
    • make the world a more gender equal place
    • get the raise, promotion, leadership position that you deserve
    • become recognized as a leader at work
    • become a dramatically more effective leader of your women's ERG
    • advance change initiatives and your own career
    • become a happier, more courageous woman
    • become part of a broader movement for gender equality
    • create your own damned table

    Program Schedule:

    Cohort 1 : March 26, Fridays, 2:30 - 5:00 p.m, est

    Cohort 2 : March 30, Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:00 p.m, est

    Cohort 3: TBD, depending upon time zone needs

    The Program is Designed for Women who are already in

    Managerial Positions, or are entrepreneurs/activists.

    It is not for entry level staff.

  • The inspiration behind the Women's Leadership Challenge

    a convening for feminist social entrepreneurs in Bellagio, Italy

    on Women's leadership, Gender equality, and Systems change

    February 2018

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    Women's Leadership Laboratory

    Jennifer, NYC

    "Samantha’s enthusiasm, vast knowledge, and focus on women’s equality helped me tremendously in the growth and development of my professional focus.

    As I continue to advance and grow my career, she has taught me how to incorporate social and corporate responsibility and further the development of my leadership skills from a global perspective."

    Sarah, Washington DC

    "Samantha has an amazing way of bringing joy and energy to a session all while making participants feel comfortable. Her ability to interject seamlessly with anecdotes of her own struggles as a woman searching for success and meaning is complemented by moments of real vulnerability that draws out the same out in all of us."

    Julia, Arlington, VA

    "If you’re a woman trying to find her way in the world in any capacity, this challenge will give you the tools necessary to remind you that are powerful and worthy of your accomplishments."

  • Watch Samantha's TEDx talk on women's leadership