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    In person and virtual keynotes


    Our CEO Samantha Karlin does in person and virtual keynotes that will leave every person in the room inspired and activated to create change.


    Empower also has a host of women activists and authors from around the world who they will call on based upon your needs, what topic you would like addressed, and what area of the world your audience is in.


    Oh, and forget the "work life balance," fluffy same old talk.


    Our speakers will motivate, inspire, and leave everyone with practical tools and action items in order to create real and meaningful change. How? They all come from a legacy of creating a positive impact on the world despite the most difficult of circumstances.


    Samantha also hosts a show on youtube about international relations from a feminist lens. Hit the button below to subscribe.


  • Tedx Tufts

    "The Power of the Powerless"


    A Talk Show on US Foreign Policy and Women's Rights

    The Horasis Global Conference

    Leading Entrepreneurs of the World

    Smart Conversations with Dr. Nancy

    UnderDog Podcast

    PaveStep Podcast

  • What the audience thinks...

    CEO Samantha Karlin is a keynote speaker and talk show host who frequently speaks about gender issues, DEI, inclusive leadership, social impact, millennials and the workplace. She is also brought in to facilitate women's leadership events.

    For speaking inquiries, please email info@empowerglobal.net with details about your event.


    What the audience thinks...


    Yesterday, on International Women's Day, my wife and I, along with a packed auditorium at Tufts University in Boston were lucky enough to see Samantha Karlin absolutely crush her Ted X talk on the Power of the Powerless. It was the perfect balance of conversational, inspirational and authentic. I loved how it seamlessly went from powerful, insightful and clear to capture moments of storytelling and emotion. That's extremely tough to do but Samantha absolutely nailed it. I absolutely loved the landing on Power With, Power To, Power Within as a new model that can change the way we can all lead and work. - James, President of Mwah, Philadelphia, PA



    I was truly inspired by the way Samantha discussed the true meaning of feminism at the Emzingo conference. I felt so empowered to become a leader in politics after she discussed all the ways in which women thrive in positions of power. - Faith Carmen-Le, Student, USC, Fullerton, CA



    I had a chance to work with Samantha while I was doing my MBA at IE Business School, she came as a speaker to talk about diversity and inclusion for an academic club I was coordinating.
    She showed complete control and knowledge regarding the topic, it was really insightful and enriching. She was very open to all the questions that were made by several students.
    I was really proud of the impact and level the talk had, since she is a really adept and very professional speaker.
    - Juan, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

  • Popular Speaking Programs

    Breaking Glass Ceilings: Women's Leadership Today

    This program is an empowering, inspirational talk on clear actions that women can take in their everyday workplace to position themselves for advancement, promotions and success without burning out.


    We'll cover:
    How to demonstrate your worth every day
    What it Takes to Step into your Power
    The Beauty of Delegating
    Negotiating for Success as a Woman
    Embodying Feminine Leadership: Why you don't have to act like a man to get ahead
    Overcoming Obstacles along the way


    Everyone will leave energized and ready to step into their power, with tangible action steps to supercharge their career.

    Male Allyship in the Era of #MeToo

    This engaging talk will embolden male allies to stand up for women in the workplace - and to understand how to. Packed with useful advice and action steps, men will have a clear understanding of the challenges that women face and how they can help them to overcome those challenges.

    We will cover:
    Navigating Boundaries in the #Metoo Era
    The issues women face that men can help ameliorate
    Inspiring stories of male allyship
    Scenarios where male intervention can make the difference
    Clear Action Steps for Men Going Forward

    We will dive into some of the research on masculinity as well, and demonstrate how in helping women, men are also going to help themselves.
    This talk is critical for those organizations who want to create inclusive, supportive work environments.

    Women on the Front Lines

    Women are on the front lines everywhere. From advocating for changes in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy at companies to standing on the front lines of protest movements to getting equitable government policies passed, women are agents of change. Samantha has had the good fortune to interview and coach hundreds of women leaders from across the world through her role as Head of Gender Equality at Ashoka, teaching a women's leadership program, and hosting a talk show on global politics and women's rights, Samanthropolitics. 


    This talk reflects on many of the incredible women that Samantha has encountered and the changes that they have been able to create through ingenuity, strategy, and persistence. From an activist fighting for women's political participation in Pakistan, to a woman fighting against sex traffickers in India, to women in Cuba standing up for their rights using furniture - yes, you heard that correctly, couches and refrigerators, Samantha will speak to the power of women across the globe. She ends with a call to action - what can women in the audience do, with their unique skill set, background, and experience? How can they confront the problems they see and create significant and sustainable change? 

    When Women Lead

    Countries led by women fared better during COVID. Why? What is the secret ingredient that women bring to leadership? This talk dives into how leadership has shifted in the last decade, with a special focus on the pandemic. It discusses why women have been socialized to have the skills necessary to lead in this new era - however it also lets men in on how they can adopt those skills too. This is an empowering talk designed to lift people from transactional leaders to transformational ones, and shows how women can lead the way. 

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