• Womens Leadership Accelerator Program

    Elevating Women to Senior Leadership


    We empower women to advance to senior leadership roles

    We train them to be transformational leaders who drive inclusive, joyful, and innovative workplaces

    - Morningstar 2021


  • What is the Women’s Leadership Accelerator Program?

    The Women’s Leadership Accelerator confronts specific barriers that women face in the workplace and nurtures them to become transformational leaders who create the change that they want to make in the workplace whilst advancing their own careers. It also helps them to understand their values, their strengths, their unique attributes, and their mission, giving them a clear pathway forward and an understanding of who they authentically are as leaders whilst uniting them to pave a joint path forward. Networking and community building are built into the structure of the course, as women who rank high on the career ladder, all cite the support of a circle of women as critical to achieving success.


    Importantly, this accelerator teaches a new style of leadership that is necessary to confront the great resignation. It is leadership based on collaboration, empathy, and inclusion, which have been proven critical for recruiting, engaging, and retaining employees, vs. the hierarchical male leadership styles of domination, winner take all mentalities, and competition.

  • Reviews:

    "This workshop really makes you look inward, which is exactly where we need to charge to see a change in ourselves and our


    9 out of 10 women who took the course said they would recommend taking the course


    Create your own learning journey for your workplace.


    A minimum of 3 modules are recommended. Modules are 2 hours each.

    10-12 modules recommended for maximum impact. 

    Cohorts of < 40 women each.

  • Why is this necessary?

    A few stats…

    • No country in the world has reached gender parity.

    • 58 percent of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss. - HBR

    • Only 30% of U.S. employees are engaged at work, and a staggeringly low 13% worldwide are engaged. Managers account for the variance.

    • Less than HALF of leaders feel they are effective in leadership skills most critical for future success. Global Leadership Forecast 2021

    • It will take 135.6 years to reach gender parity, up from about 100 years before the pandemic hit. World Economic Forum

    • Women in stem are 807% more likely to leave their jobs vs those in other fields.

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