• Women's Leadership Accelerator Program

    Elevating Women to Senior Leadership

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    We empower women to advance to senior leadership roles.

    We help them to gain confidence, advocate for themselves and their teams, and set boundaries.

    We equip them with tools like negotiation and resilience in order to successfully navigate male dominated workplaces.

    We provide them with a sophisticated understanding of their UVPs (unique value propositions), including working style, personality, and strengths.

    We train them to be transformational leaders who cultivate inclusive, joyful, and innovative workplaces.


  • WHY?

    Employee turnover costs employers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And women are leaving at unprecedented rates.

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    “Women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rates we’ve ever seen.
    If companies don’t take action, they risk losing not only their current women
    leaders, but also the next generation of women leaders.”


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    "Young women are even more ambitious and place a premium on working in an equitable, supportive, inclusive workplace."


  • The Time to Act is NOW.


    The Women’s Leadership Accelerator is a choose your own adventure cohort based program for organizations and companies designed to elevate the women in your workplace.


    The modules confront specific barriers that women face in the workplace, helps them learn how to be more vocal, more confident, and more empowered. It also helps them to understand their values, their strengths, their unique attributes, and their mission statements, giving them a clear pathway forward and an understanding of who they authentically are as leaders whilst uniting them to pave a joint path forward.


    Networking and community building are built into the program so as to build women's social capital, mentorship opportunities, and sense of belonging within their companies.



    A customized learning journey for your workplace.


    A minimum of 3 modules are recommended.

    Modules are 2-3 hours each.

    10-12 modules recommended for maximum impact.

    We recommend picking at least one module from each step in the

    transformation map below.

    Cohorts of < 40 women each.

    Recommended for middle management (the forgotten middle).


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    Women who took the accelerator program reported positive increases in their:


    -confidence levels

    -leadership skills

    -overall wellbeing

    -ability to set boundaries

    -network within their company

    -understanding of their unique strengths, personality attributes and values


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  • 90% of women who took the accelerator program said they would highly recommend it to another woman.

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    "This workshop series really makes you look inward, which is exactly where we need to change in order to see a change in ourselves and our environments."


    "The accelerator dramatically increased my sense of self-worth and knowledge of my own value.

    I realized that I AM worthy." 


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