a six part live course for women


    Are you sick of being scared to speak up?
    Always worried about what other people think?
    Struggle with confidence?
    Are super hard on yourself?
    Spend way too much time criticizing yourself?
    Get stuck in cycles of self-doubt and rumination?
    You are not alone. I coach so many women who are terrified of speaking up at meetings, hesitate to take up space, struggle with self-esteem, and clam up at the thought of public speaking.
    But it doesn't have to be this way...


    Samantha's client Jenna was so terrified of public speaking that she called in sick for a training seminar she was supposed to give for work. It wasn’t because Jenna didn’t have anything to say, it’s that she was scared that people would think poorly of her, judge her, ignore her.

    She didn't feel worthy of being listened to, a clear marker of low self-esteem.

    After working with Samantha, identifying fears, what she uniquely had to offer the world, and engaging in the tools and mindset reframes to propel herself forward and get rid of self-doubt, Jenna was comfortably designing and running trainings, which were received with praise and accolades.


    Or Samantha's client Lindsay, a woman of color who found out she was being systematically underpaid at work in comparison to her peers. Over time, she had incurred a $100,000 loss based on her pay gap. She was terrified to ask for what she deserved, to articulate her value to her boss, and to explain how the situation was affecting her motivation and sense of belonging. After working with Samantha, she was able to stand up to her boss and diplomatically explain how she was being undervalued at work and deserved to be treated equitably. Her boss emphatically agreed. The next day the director of her company called to tell her the next pay raise cycle would be in two months, and her salary would be raised to be on par with her peers.


    This can be you too.

  • The Course

    This 6 part series led by veteran women's empowerment coach Samantha Karlin will help you to deconstruct and shed your inner patriarchy, build your sense of self and confidence levels, and dive into tools for radical self-love along with other amazing women from around the world.
    It is rooted in evidence based positive psychology methods, empowerment tools, and cognitive behavioral techniques specifically tailored towards the struggles and realities faced by women of all backgrounds.
    Featuring "The Athena Method for Conquering Self-Doubt"
    Courage + Wisdom

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    Do you want to fulfill your highest potential?

    Do you want to get paid what you deserve?

    Do you want the courage to change careers or start your own business?

    Do you want to feel confident, authentic, and courageous no matter where you find yourself?

    Do you want to be surrounded by other women who will support, encourage, and advise you?


    This course was made for you.

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