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    A Strengths Based Framework

    Private coaching focuses on understanding and utilizing one's strengths in order to find the most fulfilling career for you, focus where you will get the best results, and become empowered through understanding all that you have to offer, whether it's in the workplace or in personal relationships.

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    Positive Psychology

    "I just want to be happy."

    Sound like anyone you know? Luckily, there is an abundance of scientific research on what actually can make you happy.  

    Techniques from Positive Psychology help change your cognition to one of opportunity and abundance, where the glass is always half full. Learning how to appreciate yourself, feel good about yourself and what you have to offer, change your automatic self-critical cognitions to positive, hopeful thoughts, positive psychology coaching will improve your quality of life, make you a happier, more confident person, and improve your relationships with others.

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    People have told you that "You should be more confident." You know that confidence will take you further in your career. You've heard the research, that confidence can matter more than competence! But you have no idea how you can magically become confident.


    1:1 coaching will focus on tools and techniques to help you become an assured, confident person who can walk into any room and draw people to you. We'll go through body language, self concept, self esteem and cognition shifting activities, and ways to productively engage others.


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    Soft Skills

    The word networking makes you want to crawl into a hole.You get crazy anxiety interviewing for new jobs. You want to meet people and develop more of a social circle, but are struggling in the world of COVID.




    It doesn't matter what your career or profession, soft skills are critical to success and highly sought out by employers. We will work together on communication, alleviating anxieties around interacting with other people, social skills, adaptability, and composure. We will work on developing your social circle and support system, even in this crazy world.

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    Public Speaking

    You're terrified of giving a presentation. Or break into a sweat at the thought of being in front of an audience.


    The good news is that public speaking is a skill that can be taught.

    Whether you are running for political office or just want to be able to give a or client presentation without having a heart attack, we will work together on all of the elements necessary to being a terrific public speaker, explore tools to calm anxiety and boost confidence, and dive into the three necessary elements of public speaking: Vocal, Visual, and Verbal.

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    Career Coaching

    Career Coaching for women in international relations or development, politics, tech, and those looking to have a social impact. Career Coaching is customized to each person- their goals, their needs, and their personality and skill sets. We work on eliminating negative self talk to present the most confident version of yourself, interview prep, resumes, where to find the right jobs for you, and networking. Private clients also benefit from warm introductions to appropriate organizations and contacts.